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I have become quite vocal with my effort in recent years to make the general public more aware of mental illnesses – mainly stress, anxiety, and depression. That’s what this page was ORIGINALLY intended for. Feel free to browse the archives of entries that I have posted to this site, hopefully they will strike a cord with you and inspire you to take positive action in your life. A lot of people ask me why I choose to do this, and a lot of people ask me why what I have experienced has made me pursue certain avenues in my life. What happened to me is happening every single day to countless other people, will continue to happen, it may be happening to you right now. This is my story. This is why I do what I do. And I’d like to take a minute to share with you how I have chosen to turn my MESS into my MESSAGE.

A little about me: I am the youngest of two children but I have always considered myself an “only child”. My sister (we have different dads) is ten years older than me and was out of the house for the most part, going back to my earliest memories. My father wasn’t around until later in life, so I was the child of a single mother who worked nights at a restaurant, and for the most part I was raised by my grandmother. My mom worked hard to keep a roof above my head, clothes on my back, and food on the table…while my grandmother drove home the importance of doing my homework as soon as I got home from school. I know if my mom knew of a better way to be able to bring in income and spend more time at home, she would’ve taken the opportunity.

I was always near the top of my class in school. My family was confident I would go on to college, get a good job with a great company with great benefits, and go on to live a successful life.

In 2008, after years and years in the hospitality industry, I took a sales position at a B2B software reseller in Downtown Minneapolis.  A little over a year later, I was promoted to lead my sales team. Life was great, and I finally believed I had a career I could be proud of and feel secure in.

Then at the end of February in 2010, my world changed. I was attacked by a random lunatic who kicked my knee out.  It resulted in me needing a six hour knee surgery to repair a dislocated kneecap, a torn ACL (which was replaced with a cadaver ligament), a torn PCL, and an LCL which ripped out of the bone and took a piece of the bone with it and had to be screwed back together. There was no option for me to not work and simply live off of 60% of my salary for three months. I HAD to return to work. Too many people were counting on me and I had way too many obligations. So for three months in a Minnesota winter, I got on my crutches and hobbled to the light rail station and caught the train to work. I somehow fit three physical therapy sessions a week into my lunch breaks for six months. Truth be told, if I could have afforded to take the time off work to allow my body to heal….I would have. It just simply couldn’t be done.

Less than a year later, a combination of poor business partnerships and a struggling economy for business caused a downturn in our business. My sales reps were getting fired for poor performance, and it was only a matter of time before I felt like I was next. If any of you have felt the anxiety and the paranoia of being on the chopping block at work, it’s not a great feeling at all. I began eating and sleeping less, smoking more, and my relationships around me were struggling as well. Work was literally driving me NUTS.

Then the day I feared came. After three years of leading my team with record sales months, leading my team in training and negotiations, I was demoted back to an account executive role. Gone was the thousands of dollars per year salary, and gone was the override that I was making based on my sales teams performance. A significant decrease in income, all caused by the stress I was experiencing from a job.  Instead of staying there to try to work my way up and prove myself again….I decided to take a leap of faith and just leave. September 30, 2010 was my last day in the office. I decided that no JOB was going to ever be able to dictate my future and my security ever again in my life. We’ve ALL experienced not being appreciated for hard work. We’ve all been overworked and underpaid. If I was to be paid what I was worth, I knew I had to be open minded and start thinking outside of the box.

IMG_0567About three months after leaving my job, a good friend of mine showed me a way that it was possible for me to have more fun, to gain financial and time freedom, and to experience more fulfillment in my life. What this concept has shown me is I can turn my MESS into my MESSAGE. I can show people who are going or have gone through an experience such as I did a way to break free. I can show people a way to take advantage of something in the marketplace that is viral by nature and add income in their FREE time. I can show people how to fit more fun in their lives. I can show people how to get more fulfillment in their lives. I can show people how to have a DREAM LIFE. We all want a dream life…but what we’re doing to get it isn’t working, or we keep turning what really works away!IMG_0303

I am currently looking for fun and driven individuals who want to learn how to turn their mess into a message. I’m looking for fun and driven individuals who are willing to do what it takes to get to the top. I’m looking for people who are SICK AND TIRED of being SICK AND TIRED. I’m looking for people who have been waiting for YEARS to get a break! This is it.

See how you can earn a BMW paid for each and every month!

Whether you think you’re interested, or even if you’re not sure, take a moment and fill out the form below. You will sent a quick 15 minute video that will give you all the information you need and give you EASY ways for you to: 1) Make more money to buy things you want and need; 2) Gain financial freedom, creating a Plan B for your family; 3) Gain time freedom, not having to trade hours for dollars; 4) Learn Entrepreneurial skills and the art of leverage; 5) Spend more time and have more fun with friends and family and pack more memories and more VACATIONS into your life!

Me at Wembley Stadium for the Minnesota Vikings vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, September 2013

Me at Wembley Stadium for the Minnesota Vikings vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, September 2013

Remember, successful people always make successful decisions. Unsuccessful people always think their life is too hectic, that it’s too busy. Unsuccessful people have the same opportunities presented to them as successful people, the difference is that unsuccessful people always turn them away. Would you agree that I probably had a lot on my plate when I saw this? Yep. But I didn’t turn it away. My friend took the time to show this to me because they knew it would help me. I want to PAY IT FORWARD and share this with people who are ready to take the next step in their lives. Take the first step to having a successful mindset and dedicate 15 minutes to watching this video. Fill out the form below, your DREAM LIFE could be 15 minutes away.

If I can do it, you can do it too. Have fun!

Go on MORE VACATIONS than you ever dreamed possible!



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