Be Excellent!

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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What are your limiting beliefs about your personality? Ever wished you had more friends or were able to be more outgoing but instead chalked it up as ok because you’re “anti-social” and that’s ok because that’s “just how you are”?

We all have the ability to be excellent. Excellent obviously comes from the word excel, which means to rise above, to be superior, to do extremely well. What are we saying to ourselves when we say it’s ok to be average? Not just ourselves but in particular aspects of our lives? I think way to often we are taught from our parents and role models that it’s ok to be “who we are”. I think it’s a tragedy. It is engrained in our heads from the moment we are born that if we are lacking in a certain aspect of our personalities, that it is OKAY. We are taught that there is nothing we can do to change or improve that area, it’s just how we were made. Sooner or later in life when that aspect of our life that is lacking faces a challenge, if we can’t properly work through it because we’ve always been taught to accept our shortcomings as a biological truth, personal disaster will strike.

We all need to be taught that we all have the power within ourselves to improve. Today can be just another day of a continuous whirlwind of shit, constantly accepting that any bad things will happen because they are destined to happen to me because that’s just how it is, or it can be day 1 of the beginning of excellence.

What are some things about yourself that you have always wanted to change but have always just said “that’s just how I am”?


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