What Happened to Your Dreams?

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was at a business training and workshop this past March, and if you read my last note Everyone Has a Story, you would notice that was the most amazing thing that had happened in Rich 2.0’s life up to that moment. Well, this is the most amazing thing that had happened since. At this workshop, a speaker by the name of Dave Ulloa was talking about not letting anyone get in the way of your hopes, dreams, aspirations, and how to achieve success when starting up a new business. He spoke about his own life, how he used to be an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, and after years of being exposed to the negative world of violence and crime, it desensitized him to the point where all he wanted to do when he wasn’t working was to totally isolate himself away from the rest of his life including his friends, his family, even his wife. As you can imagine, it made married life very difficult and his marraige quickly became very rocky. After some positive thinking seminars and motivational workshops, him and his wife made steps to regain their happy lives, went into business together (in which I am now in business with as well), and are happy as can be traveling the world and sponsoring charity activities helping people from all over the world.

He ended the workshop with the following: (Not verbatim, but the highlights of the discussion) “Close your eyes. Imagine you in your present form are standing up. Imagine you see a big group of balloons, each balloon a different color. Grab the strings. Imagine these balloons cause you to start floating. Imagine you are floating high above your present life, all the stresses in it. Imagine you start to float away, you start to float and travel back in time. Traveling back in time and space. You travel back to a time in which you were five years old. You travel back to this time when you were five years old, and you just float there, looking down at yourself.” “You start to decend on to yourself….getting closer. What is your five year old self doing? You start to begin to be able to see the expression on your five year old face. See how happy you are. See how carefree you are. Remember how much you loved LIFE when you were 5 years old, remember the dreams you had, and how much you were passionate about that dream. Remember how you KNEW that that dream was going to come true, and how you were NOT going to let anyone take that dream away from you.”

I went back to a time in which I was playing t-ball with my cousins and family. I remembered wanting to be a professional baseball player and being the biggest fan of Kirby Puckett, who was just in his rookie season with the Twins. I then in an instant fast forwarded to my Grandmas 60th birthday party at Awadas, and explicitly remembered telling my mom that I was giong to be the first “10 Million Dollar per year” professional baseball player. Crazy thoughts in 1986, right? Wow. Dave went on: “What happened to that??? Where did those dreams go? They didn’t just disappear, did they? Remember that feeling you had at that moment. Remember how badly you wanted those dreams.” I immediately thought of my professional baseball player dream and instantly included every other dream I’ve had in my life. What happened to them? Where did they go? Where was that passion for ANYTHING I’ve ever felt good about in my life? It was gone. A child is very sensitive to their environment, and in a household that wasn’t very affluent, not a lot of money, a child is more apt to be set up to fail. Me, myself? I thought it was ok for me to earn $30,000 a year because my mom never made over that at any time in her life. I thought it was ok to be in debt because my mom had been in debt. I thought it was ok to not own a house because I was used to seeing that rent check go out every month. I thougtht it was ok to not graduate from college because you know what, no one in my family had ever graduated from a MAJOR 4 year univerity.

You can see where I’m going with this. My dreams were crushed, not intentionally, but subconsciously, by the negative and un-productive environment around me. I lost my dream to become a professional baseball player because I came to believe that being mediocre at things was ok. After that imprinted in my head, I was already negatively influenced by those thoughts where when others would tell me it was going to be hard work for that dream to become reality, it became easy to quit that dream, and the dream after that, and the dream after that.

“Now I want you to take that feeling you have. That passion for life. That care-free feeling you had when you were 5 years old. I want you to bring that back with you as the balloons begin floating back up in the sky. Carry it with you as you begin to float back towards the present time. Instead of stopping here, fast forward to 10 years into the future, and carry that feeling with you into the future. Imagine you are driving your car and are on the way home. Imagine the home you are about to walk into, it’s your DREAM HOME. You open the door to see your DREAM FAMILY, with the biggest smiles on their faces as they welcome home their husband, their wife, their dad, their mom….and there is no stress in your lives, no worries about if the rent or mortgage is going to get paid, whether or not the electricity is going to get shut off or not, whether your MARRAIGE is going to work out or not. Imagine loving your family, kissing you spouse and hugging your kids. It’s great isn’t it? Not a care in the world, right? Imagine that car you drove home, it’s your DREAM CAR. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Imagine how full your life is. Full of family, full of adventure, full of life. There is nothing you can’t do. There is nothiing you are afraid to try. You not only have dreams, but they are being realized. They are being achieved. Feels good don’t it?” What a great feeling. Even though I wasn’t supposed to, I opened my eyes and gazed over the 500 or so people that were listening and also closing their eyes. I would say that about 50% of the room, including me, were in tears. But it wasn’t sad tears, it was tears of happiness. Tears of hope. There is SOOOO much more to go and get out there. Your dreams are still there for you to take…. “Now float back up….back to the current time. You look down on you as you are in this room. Bringing back with you your passion from the past and your aspiration from the future.” Dave finished with one last thought. “Now go get it.”


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